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About Us.

We can make your business the success in the market!

Europe is being highlighted by its high performance and development on current technologies, bringing great visibility to local businesses and other nations.

Enjoying this promising scenario, Tecnotorus emerged to insert a smart and authentic answer to the financial market.

Have you ever imagined your company growing through an updated and highly-technological development system?

At Tecnotorus you find a complete platform, using the best of the high-tech universe and developed softwares fully competent and efficient.

Our Platform.

At the Tecnotorus platform, we created an ecosystem perfect to leverage your business.


The settings are done by a specialized team, ready to answer your


Our function is to help you define your business model, create an environment of connectivity, and guide all the users in the best way possible.


With great market vision, Tecnotorus built a platform ready to fulfill the public’s

What is Blockchain?

Using the Blockchain network in our services to improve each operational step in our system.

Blockchain is a kind of “trust protocol”, where the “ledger” registers several transactions and has the registrations spread through many computers.

The sets of transactions are placed within blocks, where they get locked by encrypted layer.

Today the Blockchain has great worldwide visibility, providing companies and business with commercial and technological advances.


We cherish transparency on the inter-communication between the company and the client, managing the workflow in the best way.


Our work is assured in each step, protecting the user’s information and data.


We search for excelence and agility on our services, using the Blockchain network to accelerate the operational processes.


Revolutionizing the field, our tools gather the latest technologies that there are in the market.


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